/ Frog Weather
2D drawn computer animation,5:45min, 35mm, 1:1,85, Colour, German with English Subtitles
HFF „Konrad Wolf“ Potsdam-Babelsberg & Pauline Kortmann, 2011


It’s hot. The weather frog is alarmed: if what the kids say is true, terrible things could happen to the climate! What exactly, the poor frog learns the hard way.

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Digital Presskit with infos & technical details: here.
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screenplay, director Pauline Kortmann
animation Pauline Kortmann
Ulf Grenzer
Marc Arnull (website)
Christian Retzlaff (website)
compositing VFX Dennis Rettkowski (website)
live action DOP Matthias Hofmeister (website)
music Marian Mentrup (website)
sound design & mixing Michal Krajczok (website)
kids voices Kids of Ludwig-Hoffmann Grundschule Berlin (website)
producer Laura Machutta (website)

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